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Classy, Vintage, And A Modern Haircut

As per your needs, Men’s Salon in Business Bay is professional to meet all the concerns of a modern man. Based on decades-long experience, we are here to offer you a smart and sophisticated haircut that directly influences your overall personality.

Furthermore, here you will get extraordinary and exclusive haircut styles that are perfectly tailored to your desired haircut. Moreover, if you want a celebrity haircut or like your favorite player, the Glance salon is an expert to fulfill all your esteemed needs to look classy and elegant.

Haircut Design

Hair is the most prominent part of your personality; it must look good and appealing. Therefore, choose the right and iconic salon that makes your haircut design awesome according to your face and features. Men’s Salon Dubai is the first priority of men to get desired haircut design services.


Our head and face shaving services include the smooth and cool procedure of removing a beard and scalp hair by using soothing and reliable products.

We shave using branded and authentic instruments without any cut or injury. The products used for shaving at Men’s Salon Dubai are side-effects-free that are suitable for your sensitive skin.

Beard Shaping Service

At Gent’s Salon Dubai, the customer enjoys outstanding beard shaping services. The beard is shaped according to your haircut that suits your face shape. At the start of the beard shaping process, we provide a hot towel to open facial pores and end with a cold towel to seal the pores and get moisture.

Moreover, we also solve the problem of uneven beards or white hair in the beard. We offer beard colouring services to our phenomenal clients to look good and handsome.

Kid’s Hair Cut

For the kid’s haircut, parents are often worried and excited at the same time to give them a unique and cute look. Gent’s Salon Dubai gives you a fantastic service of kid’s stylish haircut that will change the overall look of your baby.

Facial And Massage

To recharge your body and to clean the dirty face skin, we offer our clients facial and massage tangible services that you can feel and see them. Our experts give you a relaxing facial and massage that you will automatically feel and gauge measurable results.

Manicure & Pedicure

If the whole look is fine and clean, but the nails are dirty or not in good condition, it will leave a wrong impression. The Glance Luxury Salon in Business Bay offers luxury mani & Pedi treatment services to its venerable clients to re-energize your nails and clean the debris and dirt from your nails.

Trimming Services

Underarm Trimming To avoid irritation and a foul smell, underarm trimming is very important. We use clean and branded instruments to trim proficiently and cleanly for a smooth underarm.

Legs And Chest Trimming

To avoid bulky hair that bothers you, you should cut them off. The Glance Salon offers you the best service to trim your hair on your legs and chest. We use an easy and painless method to trim your hair by using a good trimmer.

Sideburns And Neck

It is important to trim your sideburns and neck excessive hair for a classy and modern look. Gent’s Salon in Business Bay offers an amazing service to trim your sideburns and neck for an attractive look without any pain.

Back Trim And Full Body Trim

To avail of the relaxing and luxury trimming services, Gent’s Salon Dubai having a five-star rating, offers you back and entire body trim services in a comfortable and calm environment.

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