Glance Luxury Gents Salon in Business Bay is the Ultimate Solution

Barber Shop in Business Bay Glance Luxury Gents Salon, located in Business Bay,  Dubai is a fast-growing, one of the most beautiful luxury and grooming men’s salons barbershop in Business Bay.

where our esteemed client’s dream to look dashing and attractive comes into a fruitful and tangible reality in our Barbershop in Business Bay 

Furthermore, gent’s salon in Business Bay is eager and passionate to fulfill all the beauty needs of a man,

which significantly adds to the overall glamor and brand new look.

Barber Shop in Business Bay 

At Glance salon, the respected customer has a significant advantage to enjoy our custom-tailored

high-end men’s Barber Shop in Business Bay services completely from hair cut, bead, wax, to mani & Pedi, with lavish facilities like drinks for refreshment within your budget.

In addition, our ceaseless toil to deliver world-top-class men’s salon services to our venerable visitors

makes Glance’s matchless salon services stand unique among its competitors.

Likewise, the Glance Luxury Gents Salon is determined to satisfy its dear clients wholeheartedly.

Gents Salon in Business Bay

Gents Salon in Business Bay

Our high-level cutting experts and professional team are always ready to give you an attractive and desired look and to meet your needs successfully and responsively.

Moreover, when it comes to choosing the best salon that offers bespoke but budget-friendly top-level and superior services,

people are often worried and face difficulty in choosing the best salon.

By all accounts, Men’s Salon in Business Bay is the panacea and ultimate solution to all your queries and doubts in opting for the salon that offers top-tier services.

Men's Salon In Business Bay -Dubai

Men’s Salon in Business Bay is professionally good at providing outstanding, measurable, and customer-oriented men’s salon services

through our reliable and top-quality products that give you an overwhelming elegance and dashing look that substantially add to your personality.

Moreover, our highly experienced, efficient, skilled, and proactive team is committed to fulfilling all your basic and desired needs sincerely and warmly.

Besides, the lavish and out-of-the-box services at Gents Salon Dubai give you a super chance to test our reliable and outstanding services with tangible outcomes that you see and feel.

Every man has a wish to look handsome and classy, and for that, a top-class salon with desired and budget-friendly services is certainly required.

Including, Glance salon offers you top-notch services ranging from cool hair cut to mani & Pedi with the extensive benefit of enjoying the luxury and friendly environment.

Men’s Salon Dubai is an iconic barbershop with a professional and mature staff that works enthusiastically to secure the blind trust of our phenomenal clients; procure an assessable and tangible output.

Men's Salon In Business Bay


Moreover, due to our high-end and exorbitant services, Glance has always remained the number priority of its regular and non-regular customers,

our blind trust; positive and encouraging feedback appreciate us to work more.

We are united to achieve a common aim to deliver valuable and worthwhile salon services that include facial, wax, hair cut, beard style, mani & Pedi, and much more to our respected clients.


Whether you are seeking only a touch-up or a complete deal, we offer unique, distinctive, and remarkable services that will change your overall look.

Some men want only a stylish haircut, some want mani & Pedi, and other wants facial or beard style; at Gents Salon Dubai, you will get extraordinary treatment including all your desired and wished style.

Moreover, our highly-skilled, cooperative, and experienced staff is extremely proficient and efficient in providing you with the services you wish for.

They are perfectly able to design your look, either vintage, classic or modern, according to your wish. We offer a wide range of following bespoke and budget-friendly services.

Gents hair cut offerings

Glance Luxury Gents Salon Dubai is best at providing you with customer-oriented services with assessable and satisfying results.

Here, at Men’s Salon Dubai, every service that you avail of is entirely affordable and suits your budget.

Gent’s Salon in Business Bay is the hope of those who have a minimal budget but want desired and affordable looks.

To avail of our bespoke luxury services, you do not need to worry about the price. We offer our different services within a modest price range.

Happy Clients

Luxury Gents Salon in Business Bay
Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Excellent Professional team I really highly recommended to other to come here and see the Magic.

Mark William Trader

Regular Customer of Glance Luxury Gents Salon in Business Bay Professional and Well Trained Team who will handle your Hair Face etc .

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